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Solana Gold Bill NFT

The significance of the present note is impossible to overstate. This 1869 $500 "Rainbow" Legal Tender Note is the only example of its type available to collectors.

The note features the allegorical figure Justice at left, holding balance scales in her left hand and an upward pointing sword in her right. The denomination is boldly displayed in an ornate die counter at center. The Solana Gold Emblem is in an oval frame at right. A large pink Treasury Seal is just to the right of center. The engraved signatures of Allison and Spinner are along the bottom border of the design. The back is ornately printed in green with large 500 counters at left and right and the Legal Tender clause inside a circular frame behind the solana emblem at center. The presently offered example, with serial number N48792, is the only 1869 $500 Legal Tender Note in private hands.

This note is much rarer than the $1000 "Grand Watermelon" notes of 1890; there are three times as many of those in private hands.


Front/Back Gold


Cripto Bills - 01 Front Gold Solana.png
Cripto Bills - 01 Back Gold Solana.png

Plastic Cover

Cripto Bills - 02 Front Gold Plastic Solana.png
Cripto Bills - 02 Back Gold Plastic Solana.png

Ripped Bill

Cripto Bills - 03 Front Gold Ripped Solana.png
Cripto Bills - 03 Back Gold Ripped Solana.png

Ripped With Plastic cover

Cripto Bills - 04 Front Gold Ripped Plastic Solana.png
Cripto Bills - 04 Back Gold Ripped Plastic Solana.png

Mosaic Note

Cripto Bills - 05 Front Gold Mosaic Solana.png
Cripto Bills - 05 Back Gold Mosaic Solana.png