Just two examples of this 1863 $100 Interest Bearing Note are known to survive. The presently offered note as the only issued example of this design type available to collectors.

The vignette at lower left is titled Farmer and Mechanic and depicts two men seated with a shield between them. At the top center is Ripple emblem. At lower right is the vignette In the Turret showing sailors with two cannons inside a period ironclad. A red spiked Treasury Seal is located at top right. The green printed back displays large Roman numeral Cs at left and right  between the 3 dimensional ripple logo with the Legal Tender clause and anti-counterfeiting language at center.

01 - Ripple Front.jpg

Ripple Bill NFT


Front/Back Gold


Crypto Bills - 01 Front Natural Ripple.png
Crypto Bills - 01 Back Natural Ripple.png

Plastic Cover

Crypto Bills - 02 Front Natural Plastic Ripple.png
Crypto Bills - 02 Back Natural Plasstic Ripple.png

Ripped Bill

Crypto Bills - 03 Front Natural Ripped Ripple.png
Crypto Bills - 03 Back Natural Ripped Ripple.png

Ripped With Plastic cover

Crypto Bills - 04 Front Natural Ripped Plastic Ripple.png
Crypto Bills - 03 Back Natural Ripped Plastic Ripple.png

Mosaic Note

Crypto Bills - 05 Front Natural Mosaic Ripple.png
Crypto Bills - 05 Back Natural Mosaic Ripple.png