Future cryptobills enthusiasts will look back upon our 2021 Collection with amazement at how many outstanding notes it contained. 

This note is unique in private hands and is impressively preserved, notably combining rarity and quality. This 1880 $1000 Legal Tender Note with a large brown spiked Treasury Seal no doubt looks distinctive to even some of the most advanced United States currency specialists. The design and seal type combination was only used for two varieties.

The paper is creamy white and free of any distracting marks or blemishes. Some engraved design elements are darkly inked. The Gold Polkadot emblem placed at center and the vignette of Columbus at left. The visually striking large brown spiked Treasury Seal is sharply printed and bold while the serial numbers are in a deeply impressed dark blue. The extremely ornate green back is presented in full detail.

Gold Polkadot.jpg

Polkadot Gold Bill NFT


Front/Back Gold


Crypto Bills - 01 Front Gold Polkadot.png
Crypto Bills - 01 Back Gold Polkadot.png

Plastic Cover

Crypto Bills - 02 Front Gold Plastic Polkadot.png
Crypto Bills - 02 Back Gold Plastic Polkadot.png

Ripped Bill

Crypto Bills - 03 Front Gold Ripped Polkadot.png
Crypto Bills - 03 Back Gold Ripped Polkadot.png

Ripped With Plastic cover

Crypto Bills - 04 Front Gold Ripped Plastic Polkadot.png
Crypto Bills - 04 Back Gold Ripped Plastic Polkadot.png

Mosaic Note

Crypto Bills - 05 Front Gold Mosaic Polkadot.png
Crypto Bills - 05 Back Gold Mosaic Polkadot.png