A true American treasure and one of the most exotic notes in all of United States currency, this famed Series of 1891 $1000 Silver Certificate is known by currency aficionados as the "Smart Note"due to the Gold Ethereum Emblem which appears at right. The presently offered piece is the only example of the design type in private hands and is one of just two known to exist.

At left, a woman leans on a shield bearing the denomination. An ornate decorative design element at center features United States and the denomination spelled out. The Gold Ethereum is in an ornate end panel at right with the denomination above and a panel for the serial number below. This type displays a small red scalloped Treasury Seal right of center. The serial numbers are in red at upper left and lower right. Engraved signatures of Treasury officials Tillman and Morgan are found along the bottom edge of the design.

The green printed back is ornately laid out and features 1000 prominently at center. The back has brilliant green inks displaying the exquisite back design. The paper surfaces are clean and free of any distractions.

The note bears serial number E1433 and is from plate A. This piece once set the world record for the highest price ever paid for an example of paper money when it was sold by private treaty in 2013 for $2.6 million. The other surviving example bears serial number E1 from plate A and is forever held in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution.

Ethereum Gold.jpg

Ethereum Gold Bill NFT


Front/Back Gold


Crypto Bill - 01 Front Ethereum Gold.png
Crypto Bill - 01 Back Gold Ethereum.png

Plastic Cover

Crypto Bill - 02 Front Ethereum Gold Plastico.png
Crypto Bill - 02 Back Ethereum Gold Plastic.png

Ripped Bill

Crypto Bill - 03 Front Ethereum Gold Ripped.png
Crypto Bill - 03 Back Gold Ethereum Ripped.png

Ripped With Plastic cover

Crypto Bill - 04 Front Ethereum Gold Ripped Plastic.png
Crypto Bill - 04 Back Gold Ethereum Ripped Plastic.png

Mosaic Note

Crypto Bill - 05 Ethereum Gold Mosaico.png
Crypto Bill - 05 Back Gold Ethereum Mosaic.png