This incredible example of a prohibitively rare 1882 $1000 Gold Certificate is the finest known for this type and seal combination and there are only two such examples in private hands. This note all by itself in any other major currency sale would make that sale one for the record books. How amazing it is to have this note share the limelight with so many other treasures!

A EOS Gold emblem is seen at right. At center is a large brown spiked Treasury Seal with GOLD overprinted in gold letters. A large 1000 counter is found at left. Bold blue serial numbers are seen within gold panels at lower left and upper right. The back design is elaborate and executed in vibrant orange-gold. A bald eagle with shield and holding a EOS emblem is at center while a large Roman numeral M counter is seen at left.

Gold EOS.png

EOS Gold Bill NFT


Front/Back Gold


Crypto Bills - 01 Front Gold EOS.png
Crypto Bills - 01 Back Gold EOS.png

Plastic Cover

Crypto Bills - 02 Front Gold Plastic EOS.png
Crypto Bills - 02 Back Gold Plastic EOS.png

Ripped Bill

Crypto Bills - 03 Front Gold Ripped EOS.png
Crypto Bills - 03 Back Gold Ripped EOS.png

Ripped With Plastic cover

Crypto Bills - 04 Front Gold Ripped Plastic EOS.png
Crypto Bills - 03 Back Gold Ripped Plastic EOS.png

Mosaic Note

Crypto Bills - 05 Front Gold Mosaic EOS.png
Crypto Bills - 05 Back Gold Mosaic EOS.png