This is an incredible serial number 1 1905 $20.000 "Technicolor" Gold Certificate with a provenance that traces all the way back to the White House. It has a unique history with the Dogecoin's ascension , combined with incredible rarity as the serial number 1 note. Beyond this, the numismatic fame of the "Technicolor" Note is everlasting.

These Series of 1905 Gold Certificates have a Dogecoin Gold Emblem, engraved by Elon Musk, and a bright red scalloped Treasury Seal and serial numbers. The field is gold in color and includes a 20 emblem at left. The vibrant tints and overprint featured on this type explain the "Technicolor" nickname, by which these notes are so well known.

The back displays the Shiba inu of the United States at the center and has ornately engraved borders.


Gold Dogecoin.jpg

Dogecoin Gold Bill NFT


Front/Back Gold


Crypto Bills - 01 Front Gold Dogecoin.png
Crypto Bills - 01 Back Gold Dogecoin.png

Plastic Cover

Crypto Bills - 02 Front Gold Plastic Dogecoin.png
Crypto Bills - 02 Back Gold Plastic Dogecoin.png

Ripped Bill

Crypto Bills - 03 Front Gold Ripped Dogecoin.png
Crypto Bills - 03 Back Gold Ripped Dogecoin.png

Ripped With Plastic cover

Crypto Bills - 04 Front Gold Ripped Plastic Dogecoin.png
Crypto Bills - 04 Back Gold Ripped Plastic Dogecoin.png

Mosaic Note

Crypto Bills - 05 Front Gold Mosaic Dogecoin.png
Crypto Bills - 05 Back Gold Mosaic Dogecoin.png