It is one of the greatest treasures in American numismatics. Just four examples of the 1862 and 1863-dated $1000 Legal Tender Notes are known to collectors, with only two in private hands, this being the finest graded. The distinctive design features  the Cardano Emblem at center, framed by a circle of small die counter 1000s in green. Large die counters flank the emblem at upper left and right. Sharply printed green security panels are overlapped by the denomination to either side of the Cardano emblem. The overprinted Treasury Seal is boldly inked in red at the upper left while the serial number 99202 is found above. The edges have a unique contour with small clockwise "C's". 

The strikingly ornate back features 1000 counters on their side to left and right while the obligation is found in an oval frame at center.

Cardano Bill NFT

01 - Cardano Original Front.jpg




Crypto Bill - 01 Front Natural Cardano.png
Crypto Bill - 01 Back Natural Cardano.png

Plastic Cover

Crypto Bill - 02 Front Natural Plastic Cardano.png
Crypto Bill - 02 Back Natural Plastic Cardano.png

Ripped Bill

Crypto Bill - 03 Front Natural Ripped Cardano.png
Crypto Bill - 03 Back Natural Ripped Cardano.png

Ripped With Plastic cover

Crypto Bill - 04 Front Natural Ripped Plastic Cardano.png
Crypto Bill - 04 Back Natural Ripped Plastic Cardano.png

Mosaic Note

Crypto Bill - 05 Front Natural Mosaic Cardano.png
Crypto Bill - 05 Back Natural Mosaic Cardano.png