This is a1890 $1000 Treasury Note. Popularly known as the Grand Watermelon, these notes gained their famous nickname due to the distinctive large green zeros on the back of the note which resemble the fruit.The type is known in two varieties, Fr.379a (W-4580) with a large brown Treasury Seal and signatures of Rosecrans and Huston, and Fr.379b (W-4581) with a small red scalloped Treasury Seal and signatures of Rosecrans and Nebeker. The bitcoin emblem design at left represents the beginning of cryptocurrencies.Near center is an ornate 1000 die counter with floral ornaments.

Of the seven Grand Watermelon notes known, all but three are permanently held in government collections. The note offered here is one of two Fr.379a examples in private hands

01 - Bitcoin Original.jpg

Bitcoin Bill NFT


Front/Back Gold


Cripto Bills - 01 Natural Bitcoin.png
Crypto Bills - 01 Back Natural  Bitcoin.png

Plastic Cover

Cripto Bills - 02 Plastic Natural Bitcoin.png
Crypto Bills - 02 Back Natural Plastic Bitcoin.png

Ripped Bill

Cripto Bills - 03 Ripped Natural Bitcoin.png
Crypto Bills - 03 Back Natural Ripped Bitcoin.png

Ripped With Plastic cover

Cripto Bills - 04 Plastic Ripped Natural Bitcoin.png
Crypto Bills - 04 Back Natural Ripped Plastic   Bitcoin.png

Mosaic Note

Cripto Bills - 05 Mosiac Natural Bitcoin.png
Crypto Bills - 05 Back Mosaic Natural  Bitcoin.png