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 Dropped (46/162)


 4 SOL

Series 2021.

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Collection: 'The currency'

Gold CryptoBills

Natural CryptoBills

Bitcoin Original

 What will be our memories of the NFT year?

 This is an original project. It's a project to be alive in 10-15 years. To place the artwork on the wall and be proud that only you have it.

 This is the first collection of Crypto Bills ever made and never will be made another version of the same bill. It was handmade by a Naval Architect, based on the 19th-century most valuable bills of the United States. 

It is a project that brings the past through historical banknotes and puts them together with the current cryptocurrency designs, which shows us the mixture of historical moments with magnificent designs and the evolution of the money used in our society.

This collection aims to show that cryptocurrency is more valuable than the traditional one and to prove the strongest community bringing cryptocurrency to the NFT space (Which Crypto Bill is the most valuable?).

This collection contains 162 pieces about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Solana, Polkadot, Dogecoin, and EOS. Each bill has a binary signature around its logo (clockwise or counter-clockwise)and its respective back. It was used variations as Natural Bill, Gold Bill, Bill with Plastic Cover, torn bill, and mosaic note. 

A souvenir that increases its value over time!


CryptoBill Features - Solana Gold

Gold painting

( Handmade )

Year of the Original Bill

Serial Number of the Original Bill

Cripto Bills - 01 Front Gold Solana.png



Red Stamp

Serial Number


Counter-clockwise binary signature 

Gold Emblem

01100011 01110010 01111001 01110000 01110100 01101111 01100010 01101001 01101100 01101100 01110011 


Binary Translator

Original Features

CB Features

PS.: The Serial Number CryptoBills is the order of creation of the piece. (Gold Bill was made from Natural Bill)

PS.: Some bills have different features. If that makes them more valuable, it's up to you.

Rarity - CryptoBill  

As a collection with different features, types, and designs, it's not easy to rank the pieces of this collection. Apart from "Bitcoin Rare" - The only piece that has no type variations - and the comparison between "Gold bills" and "Natural bills", being the first one more valuable based on the amount of work.



    For each type of bill, there are 8 Fronts and 8 Backs. 

    There are no 2 identical pieces in this collection.

    Probably one of the first projects in two different blockchain

                      (For art there are no boundaries) 

Suggested Ranking:

                              2 Bitcoin Rare (Front / Back)

                                             Gold | Natural

16 Original Bills Plastic Cover(ETH) | 16 Original Bills Plastic Cover

                16 Original Bills (SOL)   | 16 Original Bills

                   16 Mosaic Bills (SOL) | 16 Mosaic Bills

16 Ripped Bills Plastic Cover (SOL)  |16 Ripped Bills Plastic Cover

                   16 Ripped Bills (SOL)  | 16 Ripped Bills

                                           Total of 162 pieces 

1 - Original Bill with Plastic Cover Gold

2-  Original Bill Gold

3-  Mosaic Bill Gold

4-  Ripped Bill with Plastic Cover Gold

5-  Ripped Bill Gold

6 - Original Bill with Plastic Cover

7-  Original Bill 

8-  Mosaic Bill

9-  Ripped Bill with Plastic Cover

10-  Ripped Bill 



Gustavo Lima is a Naval Architect/Engineer and an enthusiast of cryptocurrency. The design of these bills was made during the period that he was living in Paris, thinking of a mix of past and present, bringing the designs of 19th-century and putting them together into the crypto space. Then writing history, putting in an NFT, a piece of art that could be used in the future to remember the NFT year.

  "Perhaps someone somewhere will create something so beautiful it will change the world."

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Where will you put your Crypto Bill?




Do you believe that a collection inspired by 19th-century designs could become famous in the 21st century? Or that crypto art could become more valuable than the original art that was inspired?

Will these CryptoBills vary in value following the cryptocurrency market? 

This entire collection will be listed at the same price (according to its group - e.g. Bitcoin Gold Bill the same price of EOS Gold Bill), to the community to set a fair floor price. Each bill has a little description mixed with imaginary history. 

Road-map on Discord!

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